The new global challenges – climate change, health and safety - call for responsible business practices, aiming not only at economic growth but also at promoting initiatives focused on human and environmental values. 

We also contribute through actions to environmental protection and natural resources conservation, investing on the improvement of our environmental impact.

Our initiatives and actions on this direction show our dedication to sustainable development and the principles of a circular economy. Fully consistent, we take action and pave the way for a Green Culture and Environmental Consciousness.


Environmental Management


At Saracakis Group of Companies we conduct our business through sustainable practices that ensure environmental protection complying with the relevant legal and regulatory framework.

We have developed and established an integrated Quality Management System in terms of Environment, and occupational Health and Safety, according to ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 standards, which is meticulously followed by all our employees being provided with the proper training.

We are a member of the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HRRC) and we are registered on the National Producers Register (NPR), [EMPA in Greece].

We focus on minimizing the amount of waste produced, using the best available practices for recovery, reuse and recycling in our facilities both in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Every day, tens of tons of plastic, corrugated cardboard, iron and wood packaging boxes, batteries and accumulators, electric and electronic equipment, lubricants, spare parts and vehicles & heavy equipment (e.g. loaders) tires are sorted out and recycled.

Vehicle Recycling 

Saracakis Group of Companies has been at the forefront of environmental awareness for many years and aims, as a pioneer in mobility, to continuously improve the environmental performance of its products and minimize their environmental impact. In addition, it promotes activities to improve the recyclability of the vehicles it imports.


In order to dispose the vehicles at the end of their life cycle in an environmentally friendly way, the Group cooperates with the Alternative Vehicle Management of Greece (EDOE). E.D.O.E. is a Collective Alternative Management System (S.S.E.D.), approved by the Hellenic Recycling Organization (E.O.A.N), which carries out the legal recycling of vehicles in Greece. The operation of the system is governed by Presidential Decree 116/2004 and the conditions of Law 4496/2017.


More information about E.D.O.E. can be found at https://www.edoe.gr