Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the core values of Saracakis Group of Companies is our commitment to be useful and helpful.

The new global challenges, i.e. climate change, social problems, health issues and safety, call for responsible action aiming not only at financial performance and profitability, but also at creating initiatives focused on human and environmental values. 

Sustainable Society Development

Based on the above criteria, at Saracakis Group of Companies, we have integrated the concept of social mission into our corporate culture. Through specific actions of cultural responsibility and also through practices we adopt in the way we operate as a corporation, we focus on new emerging values such as the preservation of public health, the environment, the circular economy, the responsible investments, the social solidarity, the human rights, the business ethics and transparency.

We are committed to the development of a sustainable society, in every possible way, and the assurance of a sustainable future. Through our corporate culture, we seek to serve human and the communities we live in, adopting practices of environmental, social and corporate governance.