Terms and Conditions of Social Media Use


“SARACAKIS BROTHRS S.A.” welcomes you and informs you about the Terms and Conditions of Use of its social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter). Our cause is to keep you updated with career opportunities, our news, activities and services. 

“Saracakis Brothers S.A”. declares that before making any post it is advisable to check its content, as it is not responsible for any post made by users. All users are bound to comply both with the Terms of Use of each social media platform, and the company’s Terms and Conditions of Use. Company denotes that any comments posted by users do not reflect the views or values of the company, its employees or the companies affiliated with it.

 Company declares that regarding its social media pages:

  1. it does not guarantee the accuracy of comments, information materials or claims regarding products and services posted,
  2. it is not responsible for comments posted by third parties, and 
  3. it does not endorse the opinions that are posted.

“Saracakis Brothers S.A.” reserves the right to monitor everything posted on its page and upload, and/ or share only link, news, company highlights and information, which serve the company’ s image in a positive manner. Nevertheless, company reserves the right to remove from its social media pages without prior notice, any material and content that may fall under, but is not limited to, any of the categories below. “Saracakis Brothers S.A.” expects users, and users agree, not to post, upload or publish in any manner material and/or content on its social media pages which:

  1. Contains defamatory, libelous, threatening or racist comments or violates the rights of third parties in any other manner, such as the right to privacy, rights related to personal data, intellectual property rights, and personal or social rights, or in any way infringes upon the private life of third parties.
  2. Constitutes publication or any type of transmission of defamatory, offensive, obscene, inappropriate, false, misleading or illegal material or information.
  3. Contains software or other material which relates to rights protected by applicable national or international legislation, such as intellectual property rights, and rights to privacy and to personal data protection. Cases in which the user is the holder of such rights or has obtained all of the necessary consents and/or licences are expressly excluded.
  4. Contains viruses, corrupted files or any other electronic code, program or files designed to destroy or constrain the operation of any software or telecommunication equipment belonging to third parties, or to prevent other users from using this page.
  5. Can delete information from any file uploaded to the page that is related to the creator’s identity, legal announcements or ownership.
  6. Provides misleading information regarding the origin of software or any other material that is contained in files uploaded to the page.
  7. Constitutes advertising content.
  8. Offends public decency and morality, or the integrity and dignity of any public, administrative or church authority or any third party. INTERAMERICAN will also remove any abusive, inflammatory or racist content or any content that goes against legislative provisions or is inappropriate in any manner.