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Welcome to Saracakis Group of Companies 

With a leading presence in the Greek business ecosystem for over a century, we are the exclusive distributors of a very broad range of automotive and machinery products of world-renowned brands.

Acting always with integrity respecting our Group’s heritage, we only make promises that can be kept and we deliver them.

We turn our visions into reality setting as our main priority the betterment of our customers’ daily lives. We provide innovative products and pioneering services with added value to our communities. We pledge to create solutions by offering personalized experiences whilst we are committed to operating in a sustainable way.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the core values of Saracakis Group of Companies is our commitment to be useful and helpful.

The new global challenges, i.e. climate change, social problems, health issues and safety, call for responsible action aiming not only at financial performance and profitability, but also at creating initiatives focused on human and environmental values. 

Human Resources

At Saracakis Group of Companies, we rely on the knowledge, abilities and individual efforts of our people. Irrespective of the position in the company hierarchy, we recognize that staying at the forefront of developments, in the constantly changing and competitive environment of the automotive sector, is due to the loyalty, commitment and team effort of our people.

Our target is to attract, develop and keep qualified people, investing in their professional development and rewarding their performance.