Honda Motor Co. was established in Japan circa 60 years ago (in 1948) and it is as early as in 1959 that Saracakis pioneered the sale of Japanese origin motorcycles in the Greek market. During this over 50-year long and successful collaboration Saracakis, as the exclusive Importer-Distributor of Honda 2-wheelers in Greece, has achieved market leadership for the brand for several years.The wide range of Honda 2-wheeler models marketed in Greece, from 50cc to 1800cc engine displacement, cater for the needs and preferences of a greatnumber of customers given that such models are characterised by distinct design, exceptional quality, reliability and road handling.

Honda has always been a company that sought to push back motorcycling boundaries by applying a series of technological innovations. Examples of this are the development of the first motorcycle Airbag system and of the first Combined ABS (C-ABS) system for superbike motorcycles.

The racing heritage of Honda is amazingly rich and glorious. In 2009 it celebrated 50 years of participation in motorcycles racing events worldwide, including of course Honda’s prominence in the Moto GP. In line with this, Saracakis has an extensive presence in motorcycle racing activities in Greece by supporting many race teams in various categories.

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