In 1968 Saracakis was appointed the sole official Importer-Distributor of Honda passenger cars andspare parts for the Greek market.

 Over the years, capitalizing on experience gained through its successful participation in the F1 topracing event, Honda has been offering car models

that incorporate innovative technology, offer highdegree of safety to the driver and passengers alongwith distinct design, high functionality and exceptional road handling.

One of Honda’s key commitments is to launch inthe marketplace environmentally friendly, affordablecars such as the Civic 4dr and Jazz Hybrid models.Furthermore, Honda continuously invests indeveloping cars powered by alternative forms ofenergy (hydrogen fuel cells, natural gas, solar cells).The Honda car range comprises the Jazz, Jazz Hybrid, Civic, Civic Tourer, CRZ, Accord and CRV models.

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  • 2015 Honda HR-V
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