In Greece during World War II (1941-1944), the International Red Cross, represented by the neutral countries of Sweden and Switzerland, imported a fleet of 30 Volvo Trucks to carry food to the devastated areas. That was Volvo’s first appearance in Greece.

The founder of the Group, John D. Saracakis, joined the International Red Cross as a volunteer and wasappointed in charge of this small fleet of trucks.

After the war, John Saracakis traveled to Swedento negotiate the franchise of Volvo for the Greekmarket. In 1950, he received a hand written exclusive Distributor Agreement and by that time the first Volvo trucks were marketed in Greece.

The success that followed is known in Greece as the «Swedish Revolution». The versatile range of Volvo trucks offers transport solutions that match customers’ specific needs. The models incorporate advanced equipment and are characterised by exceptional drivability, reliabilityand durability. Furthermore, strategically located authorized Volvotruck dealers/repairers offer a wide range of high standard services to customers throughout Greece. On top of that, Volvo Action Service is a round-the clock emergency response organization quickly andeffectively assisting customers, wherever they are, with technical issues they face whilst on the road.

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