Water Pumps


Honda’s commitment to create products that improve the quality of people’s lives goes well beyond automobiles and motorcycles. The company has developed into an undeniable force also in the power equipment market by developing low-emission, fuel efficient, environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines foruse in various power equipment applications.

Since the late 1960’s Saracakis Brothers S.A.is the sole authorized Importer-Distributor inGreece of the Honda Power Equipment range which includes: engines, generators, tillers, lawn mowers, brush cutters, riding mower and lawntractors, water pumps, snow throwers. The range offers unwavering quality and environmentally conscious efficiency. Every piece of equipmentis designed to operate simply, safely and comfortably under all circumstances, designed tolast for years.

Saracakis Brothers S.A. is operating throughout Greece an efficient dealer organization, striving to further expand Honda’s position in this market sector by serving all customers’ needs.

For more information you can visit the web site: www.honda-power.gr

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